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January Recap

One of my goals with my Happiness Project is also to promote some self-reflection after each month. I thought I would share the pictures I will be adding to my layouts.

This is a picture off of our deck. It isn't the clearest day, but I absolutely love the view. This is what made us fall in love with this property and buy it after our first visit. For New Years Eve, Chris and I stood on this deck and watched the fireworks below. It was the perfect start to a fresh, new beginning. I can't wait to enjoy this deck when we move in.

Here is a picture of me and my friend, Natasha after a snowshoe. Natasha is so special to me and is a major reason and inspiration for me to start my own Happiness Project. I love being outdoors in the winter even if I don't get to be often. It is beautiful.

My happy place. Here is another reason we fell in love with this property - the trees! We chose to build our house at the back of our property which means that our driveway is surrounded by these gorgeous fir trees as you go back. It gives me a sense of calm every single time I enter. Ivory, my inlaw's dog, seems to love it too :).

Here is a picture of Chris and I out with our friends, Ty and Shay, for Cosmic Bowling. We don't get together often, but when we do it is always a good time. It feels good to get out.

My goals this January included eating healthy, exercising, going outside, getting enough sleep, and being creative. It is interesting writing this into February, because I am still keeping these goals in mind this month and have been doing well with them too :). Some of these goals were definitely a struggle. I would say that I did get caught up in the "January Blahs" at some points and it did not help us living in a dark basement suite. This has really made me strive to put myself in better places and think about the things that are in my control right now. I tried a new form of exercise in January - Ballet Barre. I was far from a ballerina growing up. Even though I was in gymnastics and did take a year of jazz dance, I would argue that dance is quite removed from gymnastics in many ways. However, I have enjoyed this new activity as something different to work on.

I realized going through this month that my health goals were really all inter-connected: you get more sleep, you are more willing to exercise, you are encouraged to eat well, you go outside, you sleep better, and the cycle goes on and on. Creativity always seems good for the soul, too. I definitely haven't mastered these goals, but I think I have a new appreciation for the happiness they can bring to my life.

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  1. Great pictures and great goals for starting off the new year! I couldn't agree more with the cycle you describe- I feel as though it's the days you least want to get out and do something that you need it the most! I have loved trying ballet barre with you and hope to go a couple more times this next week!


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