Do you have special things that you get or are given and you save them to use for just that right special occasion; however, you're so busy measuring whether the occasion truly is special enough to bring out the special thing that you never end up using it? Well, that is me with huckleberries. This unique, rare berry is my absolute favourite! I savour them so much I often leave them in my freezer when I can finally get them because I can't bear the thought of "wasting" them. This summer I'm on a mission to change that. This year I got the berries fresh and am determined to use them up BEFORE I even have the chance to put them in the freezer - it's hard to part with them (even though I'm the one eating a lot of them :) ).

One way to do this was to make jam. I decided to put the jam in small jars this year so that I also wouldn't get in the habit of opening a larger one and thinking ok well I shouldn't eat the jam again today because I want it to last and then months go by and it is still sitting there unused. I also cringe at the amounts of sugar we need to dump into jam that is already sweetened naturally by fruit, so I used a berry jam recipe that I tried last year that uses honey.

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