We have been cloth diapering our son for just over two years now and I am so happy that we have made the decision to do cloth. We started when he was one month old and have done it exclusively because we were so happy with it. I started doing some research right before our son was born (there are lots of amazing blogs out there on cloth diapers!), and through trial and error and learning with other friends who cloth diaper, we learned some things that worked for us.

Why We Use Cloth Diapers

1. Safer and healthier for our child (no toxic chemicals, breathable fabrics = little to no rashes)
2. Better for the environment
3. Cheaper (Within 2 years of using new cloth diapers we are now saving money on diapers. All of our cloth diapers are still in excellent condition. If they are used for another child they are essentially 'free')
4. Easier clean-up (no looking for a trash can and cloth wipes clean up more mess than disposable wipes)
5. Cute
Lilly & Frank cloth diaper

Our Favourite Cloth Diaper Brands

Funky Fluff
Lilly & Frank

Our Favourite Places To Buy Cloth Diapers

Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot
Lagoon Baby
Lilly & Frank

Our Laundry Routine

Every 2-3 days
Cold Rinse + Hot Heavy Wash + Cold Rinse
Tide Free & Gentle detergent
Hang covers + dry liners on low heat and then hang dry

Travelling with Cloth Diapers

I recently had the pleasure of writing a blog post for one of our favourite sustainable clothing brands, ROWE Kids, based out of Calgary, Alberta. In this blog post you can check out tips and tricks for traveling with cloth diapers and plastic-free snacks!

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