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My Fairy Garden

One project I wanted to accomplish this month was to make a fairy garden. I wanted this garden to be meditative and incorporate certain elements that bring me peace and positivity.

The first thing I needed to do was to find a container. I decided that a rustic crate from Kootenay Crates in my hometown, Creston, would be perfect. Aqua/turquoise seems to be the colour I am most drawn to right now, so I was happy to find this crate. I lined the crate with plastic and then covered the bottom with rock for drainage. Next, I dumped in a bit of soil so that I was ready to plant!
I specifically chose certain plants to include in my fairy garden:
Jade - for good luck 
Dwarf Blue Spruce Shrub - I love the colour
Succulent - a beautiful plant is in the shape of a lotus flower (for new beginnings) and has pink tips
Ivy - I love soft, cascading ivy and find it a bit whimsical, too
Clover - another plant that will spill over my crate
Lavender - to create a calming effect
Chocolate Mint - to make some chocolate mint tea

I also chose some stones to put in my garden:
Crystal - for grounding and to bring in the colours of the rainbow
Moss Agate - a cleansing crystal
Staurolite - known as the "fairy stones" with a soothing, calming energy
Amethyst - a healing stone to promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment

I created a small "pond" with blue glass rock and outlined it with granite from my parents' house. My mom found me a mini table and chair to sit amongst the garden, too. I picked up a rock at one of my favourite river spots under the Canyon bridge that I thought looked like stairs. I put the glow-in-the-dark "dream" in the middle of the staurolite. Once things settle I plan to make pathways around the garden. I found a little candle lantern that I am going to cut down to put in the garden, too. 
I can't wait to bring this garden to our new house to live on our deck :)
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