I've been having some fun creating some sewing projects lately! First up I wanted to create some burp cloths for one of my friends. I received similar burp cloths for my son from another friend and was inspired to create my own pattern to use. My Mom showed me how to do this using tissue paper. This was my first sewing project that did not involve sewing in a straight line - ha!

I found this beautiful organic flannel from Stork & Me. You may wonder, why organic fabric? What's the difference? I've been looking into this as I was wondering myself. Organic fabrics are made from crops that do not contain harmful chemicals and use far less water to create than synthetic fabrics and regular cottons. The dyes used on these fabrics are also low or non-toxic, making them especially ideal to use when creating baby items.

I find this design lays really nicely on a shoulder.

I cannot wait to create more with this beautiful fabric :)
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