Halloween does not have to be an event riddled with tons of waste. Here are a few ways that you can go green this Halloween.


Halloween costumes can be expensive and wasteful given their quality and nature of typically being single-use. There are ways to be greener about Halloween costumes that is better both for the environment and for your wallet! One idea is to create a costume for your child out of items they already own. With a few simple additions and a little creativity there are many ideas that can have a great effect! 

My goal with a Halloween costume is to create something using clothing and items we already have around the house and integrate some handmade items that can be played with again later. Last year I set out to create a Batman costume. Using a grey ROWE Kids zomper that we already owned, I paired it with a black Funky Fluff cloth diaper that we use in our cloth diaper stash. My Mom and I made the cape so that it could be enjoyed for years to come. We designed our own pattern and sewed the cape using black broadcloth fabric and black adjustable snaps at the neck from FabricLand. I got some black and yellow felt from the Dollar Store, cut out the pieces in the Batman design and sewed it together. I then sewed it onto the cape. We used the neutral Nooks Design baby booties that we already owned for footwear. Harvey was warm, comfortable, and cute in his Batman costume and we had a great time taking him around to family and friends. This Halloween costume cost approximately $5.75!

This year I created a bear costume from a ROWE Kids zomper that we were gifted and a beautiful handmade toque from Wild Child Designs that we already owned. If you are wondering if there is such a thing as a grey bear - there is! The Glacier Bear is a subspecies of the American Black Bear with silver-blue or grey hair found in and around Alaska. The toque we had came with two poms to give it a bear look. Next, I got some black gloves and some brown felt and hand stitched the brown felt onto the gloves to make it look like the pads of a bear paw. We used the black Nooks Design wool booties that we already owned to finish off the outfit and ensure my little guy’s feet would stay toasty warm all night! I love using a ROWE Kids zomper for a Halloween costume because it is something we already own, the onesie aspect keeps my son warm, and it is super easy for quick diaper changes with the ankle to ankle zipper when we are out and about. This Halloween costume cost approximately $2.50!

I am excited to be featured on the ROAM by ROWE Kids Blog with these Halloween costumes!


Candy can be one of the most wasteful components of Halloween with all of the tiny wrappers that are often non-recyclable. Consider buying candy in bulk at places like Bulk Barn if you are giving to family and friends. Here, you can bring in your own reusable containers. Another option could be bringing your own containers to your local chocolate shoppe to save on the packaging. For younger children, you could even skip the candy altogether and go for a Halloween themed book. Below are a couple of options through affiliate Amazon links.

Trick-or-Treat Bags + Baskets

There are many options for bags or baskets to collect candy that can be reused or repurposed. The Halloween basket that my son is using this year happens to be a third generation hand-me down! It was originally given to my Mom when she was a child, I used it for several years growing up, and now my son can enjoy it! The handle did break this year but I was able to mend it back together.


Some stores, like Save On Foods, are even offering reusable Halloween bags with grocery purchases this month. These can be used for trick-or-treating and then as grocery bags during the rest of the year. Other options include using a pillowcase or making your own fabric bag.

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