Have you ever heard of this fabulous Italian dish? Well, I had never, and when I came across it in Jamie's Italy by one of my favourite chefs, Jamie Oliver, I couldn't resist wanting to try it out even though it looked quite complex! Thanks to our friend, Matt, for trying it out with me! 
Here is a summary of the steps in pictures:

1. First we made a batch of fresh pasta dough and roasted butternut squash chunks (seasoned with fennel and coriander seeds and red chili flakes). Next, we rolled out our dough and made strips of the squash, spinach (wilted), and ricotta. We grated fresh Parmesan cheese over top and seasoned with salt and pepper.
 2. Carefully roll the dough into a fat sausage like shape.
 3. Seal ends with fingers and place a clean kitchen towel underneath the pasta roll.
 4. Roll the pasta up in the towel tightly and tie ends with string.
 5. Place pasta roll in a large stock pot of boiling water, making sure the roll is fully immersed for 25 minutes.
 6. Carefully remove from the pot (can you see the steam?!)
 7. Gently unwrap your pasta roll.
 8. Slice into serving portions and top with crispy sage. We easily fed 6 people!

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