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Reuse x3

Check out the fun project I worked on this morning - t-shirt bags! My husband has had these shirts for years now...first they were in his "good" clothes pile and he wore them until they got a little ragged so he turned them into work shirts. A couple years later I have decided they were unfit to wear to work because they had so many holes at the bottom so I cut them up and made them into bags! The rest of the scraps I turned into cleaning rags. Since I am looking for ways to be plastic free this month I thought the bags would be perfect to wrap the male birthday gifts I will be giving in the next while!

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  1. Isn't this such a good project! When I graduated from Univ. we made one with our pub crawl t shirts for each person! (we made ties for the boys). Nicely done and thanks for the reminder on this project :)

  2. Nice recycling project, Allie!!

  3. LOVE this!! great idea for work shirts... but how has he kept those work shirt concrete free? I need to know the secrets!!!


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